Into The Void Magazine | Review

Joanne Spencer’s review from 2016 of Into The Void Magazine, Issue #1, which featured my piece, ‘strange reminders of the existence of things.’ Great to see Into the Void win the Saboteur Award 2017 for best Magazine, & to see Joanne posting her reviews on her new site. …

Reviewing It 4 You

*This review was from last fall and is a review of the magazine’s very first issue. I decided to re-post here, on my new review blog, because the magazine was recently awarded the 2017 Saboteur Award for BEST MAGAZINE!

Inaugural Issue of Irish Lit Mag Leaves Readers Breathless
Review of Into the Void Magazine, Summer 2016

Into The Void Magazine is a non-profit, quarterly print and digital literary magazine based out of Dublin, Ireland. They are proud to provide “a platform for fantastic fiction, non-fiction, poetry and visual art from all over the world.” Accepting of work from all genres and styles with the commitment to publish material they feel is “heartfelt, genuine and screaming to be seen.” I am delighted to receive the opportunity to review their inaugural issue.

At roughly 8 x 6 inches in size, the magazine has a vividly colorful cover image by photographer and writer…

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